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Why people don't invest or open an account in:

Why people don't invest or open an account in:

August 17, 2019

January: " I've spent all my money during the holidays."

February: " I have no time to make an appointment because the month is too short."

March: " It's too cold and too rainy."

April: " I'm preoccupied with income taxes." 

May: " The market is too high."

June: " The market is too low."

July: " The heat has me down."

August: " I'm going away on vacation."

September: " I'm back from my vacationing... broke!"

October: " I'm waiting to see how the elections turn out."

November: " I'm upset over the election."

December: " I need money for the holidays."

Does this sound familiar?

If you have used three or more of these excuses, we need to talk!

There is no perfect time to invest - other than now, early, and often. Please call my office locally at (330)-666-8131 to arrange a suitable time to get together.